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We are pleased to offer the following products directly to you. Most items are in stock, and ship for a flat rate of $2.00. Call 301-854-1410 to place orders!

Product Description
Frustrated by Hearing Loss booklet by Dusty Jessen, Au.D. Hearing loss is an invisible disability that creates an incredible amount of frustration. The frustration is felt by the person with hearing loss as well as everyone who communication with that person. To reduce frustrations related to hearing loss, it is essential for all parties to learn the 5 Keys to Communication Success. $14.95
Audiologist’s Choice cleaning spray Cleans and deodorizes hearing aids without harming earmolds or hearing instruments. $10.00
AudioWipes cleaning clothes Cleans hearing aids and earmolds; offered individually wrapped and in small and large canisters. Starts at $7.00
Battery Caddy Designer Audiology’s own containers to hold two spare batteries. $0.50
Battery Club One year battery club (total of 96 cells), mailed to your house every quarter via USPS. $50.00.
Battery Tester Pocket sized battery tester. $13.00
Clarity HA 40 In-Line Telephone Amplifier Compact, portable, in-line telephone amplifier that plugs-in between the handset and base. Amplifies up to 40 dB with adjustable volume. $34.95
Debrox Earwax Removal Kit A gentle and safe way to remove excessive earwax. $8.00
Dry Caddy dehumidifier Dehumidifier that uses small desiccant to remove moisture from hearing aids, earmolds, and cochlear implants. Comes with 6 desiccant discs for a full year of use. $19.99
EarGear Retainer system for hearing aids and cochlear implants to prevent loss and to protect from dirt, sweat, and moisture. Available with or without an eyeglass cord, in variety of colors. Starts at $24.95
ESCO Third party, hearing device coverage for loss and damage; three plans available. Starts at $150.00
Etymotic hearing protection Discreet, high fidelity earplugs that reduces volume without affecting sound quality or richness. Starts at $12.95
Etymotic earphones Durable earphones with high frequency detail in black color. Starts at $149.00
Etymotic QSA/The Bean Personal Sound Amplifier Product (PSAP) Ear-level sound amplifier to help enhance soft sounds for all users. Available in low/high gain or telecoil model. Starts at $299.00
Otoease Bacteria-free, greaseless lubricant to help with insertion of earmolds and hearing aids. $4.00
Rayovac Batteries (8- and 40-packs) Mercury-free hearing aid batteries from Rayovac; offered in 8-pack and 40-pack options. $5.00; $20.00
ReNew Hearing Aid Dryer Electronic dehumidifier that uses gentle heat and UV light to remove moisture, condensation, and inhibit bacteria growth on hearing aids, earmolds, and cochlear implants. $74.95
Sennheiser Set-IS410 Cordless infrared television system with Sennheiser sound quality. Rechargeable battery and 40 ft. of line-of-sight transmission. $180.56
Sennheiser Set 840 RF Listening System Wireless radio frequency television system with up to a 300 ft. range. $252.18
Sonic Boom Alarm Clock with Bedshaker Alarm clock with adjustable volume, tone control, and vibrating bed shaker to awake even the deepest sleeper. Can be used in an audio, visual (light plug-in), and/or vibrotactile (bedshaker) manner. $89.95
Sonic Boom Travel Alarm Clock with Bedshaker Travel version of the Sonic Boom Alarm Clock with Bedshaker. Also contains a USB charging for smartphones; does not feature a visual alarm system (light plug-in). $39.95
Tubing Air Blower Helps remove moisture from tubing. $5.00
Westone Hearing Protection Comfortable, long wearing hearing protection that can be used daily. Starts at $29.99
ZPower Rechargeable Battery Unit Silver zinc microbatteries that can be used in select hearing instruments, eliminating the need for changing batteries weekly. $300


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