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Affordable and Transparent Care

Designer Audiology was founded to provide affordable, transparent, personalized treatment without compromising quality of service. The “unbundled” or “itemized” pricing structure is nationally recognized and ensures that patients only pay for what is needed when it is needed. Designer Audiology is constantly exploring newly developed technology to lower costs. No matter the budget, our office can determine the best treatment options for hearing and communication needs.

The unbundled/itemized model is endorsed by the American Academy of Audiology (AAA), the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA), and the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA).

Bundled Model Unbundled/Itemized Model
Designer Audiology Model
Hearing Aid Cost Initial cost includes hearing aid price, professional fitting fee, and cost of future appointments- used or not, repairs, services, and parts. Length and terms of service package determined by provider. Significantly increases starting cost. Itemized cost only includes hearing aids and professional fitting fee. Significantly lowers the initial cost.
Mobility of Services “Pre-paid” services are limited to the dispensing clinic. Service plan does not roll-over should the patient change offices/provider. Services can be provided by any audiologist, as they have not been “pre-paid.” Conductive for traveling, winter/summer homes. Ensures that the office provides quality and value at each and every appointment.
Cost of Routine Maintenance Maintenance costs usually included in starting cost of original purchase, depending on terms of the service plan. Maintenance costs only charged at the time the service is provided.
Rationale One-time fee for hearing aids and future services. Transparent billing and lower costs over time. Fee-for-service billing allows patients to know the value of each provided service.

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