Cost of Hearing Aids

Most people think hearing aids are very expensive, but they don’t need to be. The majority of hearing clinics use a “bundled” pricing model. In this model, the cost of the hearing aids along with the cost of fitting services, future appointments, repairs, parts, warranties, and more are bundled into the total price. This ultimately drives up the initial price of hearing aids, often making them expensive.

Designer Audiology has successfully implemented a unique pricing model known as “unbundled” or “itemized” pricing. This model allows for transparency of pricing for the hearing aids, fitting services, parts, appointments, batteries, and more. Therefore, you only pay for the services as they occur. With Designer Audiology’s pricing model, the initial cost of hearing aids is much lower and you may save money in the long-run compared to a “bundled” pricing model.

Hearing Aid Technology Levels and Prices

Premium Technology$1465/ear
$1610/ear rechargeable batteries

Advanced Technology$1265/ear
$1400/ear rechargeable batteries

Mid Technology$1070/ear
$1225/ear rechargeable batteries

Basic Technology$885/ear
$1000/ear rechargeable batteries

Value Technology$250/ear

Hearing Aid Services and Prices

Functional & Communication Needs Assessment– $275
A F&CNA appointment last approximately 1 hour. Questionnaires will be provided before the appointment to determine hearing difficulties, lifestyle, and desired/needed device features. Testing (beyond an audiologic evaluation) is completed to determine what treatment would be most beneficial. A comprehensive plan of care will be provided.

Hearing Aid Fitting and Orientation– $1330 for a pair of hearing aids; $1200 for one hearing aid
Using evidenced-based, best practices, the hearing devices are custom programmed and measured using “real ear” to ensure the best communication outcomes. The real ear equipment uses small microphones placed in each ear, along with the hearing aid to determine how the hearing aid is functioning. Adjustments will be made to the hearing aids until they are set to meet the prescriptive gain. A review of the devices, care, maintenance, and use will be completed including battery insertion and placing the devices on/in the ears. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled for 1-2 weeks after the initial fitting, and again 3-4 weeks after the initial fitting.

Hearing Aid Check– $150
The hearing aid(s) case will be cleaned, the microphone and wax filters replaced, debris vacuumed from the receiver and microphone(s), battery contacts cleaned, disposable batteries replaced, domes replaced (if applicable), and tubing changed (if applicable). Hearing Aid Checks are recommended twice a year to ensure optimal functioning.

Hearing Aid Programming– $70
Major or minor programming adjustments will be made based on your feedback about how the devices are working and sound in your daily environment. Programming may require the use of real ear equipment (no additional charge) to determine how the hearing aids are performing while in your ears and how the programming adjustments will affect the sound quality.

Hearing Aid Service Plan– $600 per year
Unlimited office visits for hearing aid checks, troubleshooting, programming, and one year of disposable batteries via the Battery Club/one set of rechargeable batteries. Service plan can be added at any time. **Parts, manufacturer repair costs not included.

Earmold Services and Pricing

Impression of the Ear(s)– $50/ear
In-office creation of a temporary mold of the ear canal for use by a manufacturing lab in the production of an earmold.

Earmold– $90/ear + tax
Custom made product for use with hearing aids, swim plugs, earplugs, musician monitors, etc. Choice of colors available at no additional charge.

Batteries and Pricing

8-pack batteries– $5
Rayovac batteries sold in packages of 8. Available sizes: 10 (yellow), 312 (brown), 13 (orange), 675 (blue). **Cochlear implant batteries not currently available.

40-pack batteries– $25
Rayovac batteries sold in packages of 40. Available sizes: 10 (yellow), 312 (brown), 13 (orange).

Battery Club– $50 per year
Rayovac batteries mailed directly to your house every quarter via the US Postal Service. Available sizes: 10 (yellow), 312 (brown), 13 (orange).

Rechargeable Battery Case– $150


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