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Custom Earmolds & Hearing Protection Devices (HPDs)

Custom Ear Plugs Can Protect Your Hearing

According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, approximately 26 million American adults suffer from noise-induced hearing loss. This is an entirely preventable health issue. Standard and custom ear plugs can help protect your hearing from noise-induced damage, especially if you work or frequently visit areas where loud noises are present.

How does noise-induced hearing loss happen?

Noise-induced hearing loss happens when an individual undergoes prolonged exposure to sound that is 85 decibel (e.g. heavy city traffic, loud music, etc.) and above, or encounters short bursts of intense sound, such as a gunshot or the explosion of a firecracker.

Intense noise can harm the hair cells in the ear that help the brain make sense of the sound waves. These hair cells are essential to the hearing process and, once they are damaged or destroyed, they will not grow back.

The good news is that this damage is largely preventable, as long as the proper preventative steps are taken.

How can I prevent noise-induced hearing loss with custom ear plugs?

Start at a young age! Newborns can use hearing protection headphones, children can use headphones, ear plugs, or custom earmolds, and musicians can use musician devices! Custom ear plugs can provide the protection you need to keep your hearing levels within normal limits, especially if there’s no way to avoid being exposed to loud noises in your day-to-day life.

Designer Audiology works with top earmold manufacturers to provide standard and create custom-molded ear plugs that conform to the unique contours of your ear canal. The resulting fit is so precise that excess sound is negated, keeping the delicate mechanisms in your ear protected and undamaged.

Don’t become a statistic! Discover how standard and custom ear plugs can protect you from unnecessary hearing loss, with minimal changes to your lifestyle.