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Prescription and OTC Hearing Aids

Your Best Source for Hearing Aids in Maryland

​Did you know: Only one in five Americans who could benefit from a hearing aid actually use one?

Your best source for affordable, high-quality prescription and OTC hearing aids is Designer Audiology. We work with all major hearing aid companies. All of the latest models and products are available to help ameliorate a variety of hearing issues. But it’s the pricing structure that really sets Designer Audiology apart!

Designer Audiology is one of the few practices that offer hearing aids with an unbundled/itemized pricing model. You only pay for the products and services you need; period.

In addition to offering a full range of hearing aids, we also fully service them. The hearing aid services we provide include, but are not limited to, hearing aid troubleshooting, hearing aid repair, and hearing aid tubing changes.

Amplification Fitting

  • Real Ear Measurements: Uses a small probe microphone placed in the ear canal at the same time as the device (OTC Hearing Aid, Prescription Hearing Aid, ALD) to evaluate the output. Can be compared to the user’s hearing levels to assess appropriateness of the fitting.
  • Electroactoustic Analysis: Use of a “test box” to evaluate the acoustics of a device.
  • Device Counseling: A one-on-one appointment with the user and family/care members to review the daily usage, care, and maintenance of a device. Watch counseling videos on our YouTube channel.

Prescription vs. Over-The-Counter Hearing Aids: What’s the Difference?


  • Function: Prescription digital aids are custom-programmed to each individual. Using real ear measurements, each hearing is configured to a calculated set of auditory needs based on the diagnostic testing and patient’s communication needs. In addition to assisting with overall hearing issues, hearing aids can help mitigate the impact of tinnitus.
  • Price: With Designer Audiology’s unbundled/itemized pricing structure, hearing aids start at $250* and increase in price with sophistication. *Diagnostic, fitting, and other fees not included.


  • Function: Over-The-Counter hearing aids are a great introduction to hearing devices. These OTC devices are a great option if you need some assistance in specific environments, like hearing at a table in a crowded restaurant or to watch TV without turning up the volume to a level that could damage other’s hearing.
  • Price: Prices for OTC hearing aids begin around $350* and increase with sophistication. Regardless of where an OTC device is purchased, Designer Audiology can evaluate the device and provide counseling. *Diagnostic, fitting, and other fees not included.
  • Availability: OTC hearing aids are available in the Online Store, the office, and at retail centers.

Hearing Aids You Can Afford

The unfortunate truth is that an OTC hearig aid isn’t always sufficient to improve communication with you and your loved one. But hearing aids don’t have to be unnecessarily expensive.

Many audiologists use a “bundled” method to determine their pricing, making patients pay for a package of products and services that they may or may not end up using. Designer Audiology aims to break this mold by becoming one of the first audiology practices in Maryland to successfully implement an “unbundled” or “itemized” pricing model. This model ensures that you only pay for services used, nothing more. It doesn’t get much simpler (or more affordable) than that! Click here to learn more.

Service plans are available to patients who may want the assurance of service coverage through a one-year time frame. Simply ask after the initial purchase, or at any additional appointment, about options and pricing.
Hearing aid supplies are available in the Online Store.

Hearing loss doesn’t have to prevent you or a loved one from enjoying the sounds of life.