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Professional musicians, music lovers, and individuals exposed to loud music on a regular basis have special hearing needs. Designer Audiology is pleased to work with you to find solutions that allow you to continue pursuing your passion while also protecting your ears and hearing. Whether on-site or in the office, our services, music enhancement devices, in-ear-monitors, and hearing protection will help you enjoy music throughout your life.




Ears are the livelihood for musicians and caring for them should be of the upmost of importance. Routine evaluations, custom products, and follow-ups are the highest priority for artists. The Musician Package will ensure you are cared for throughout the year. The package includes an initial hearing evaluation including Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs) and ear cleaning (if needed), 1 set of custom musician earmolds or hearing protection earmolds with ear scans/images, follow-up fitting, education/counseling, 12-month follow-up OAE evaluation, and 12- month earmold fitting check for $950. (Private pay only)


Hearing evaluations are important for musician, as part of an annual check, as well as any time a Temporary Threshold Shift (TTS) in hearing may be present. TTS often occurs after loud sound exposure for too much time or after a very high intensity sound blast. The individual may notice muffled hearing and/or tinnitus (ringing in the ear(s)). Click here to learn more.


Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, can be a sign of too much sound or sounds that are too loud. The ringing can also be a sign of a temporary or permanent change in hearing and can often interfere with enjoyment of music. A tinnitus evaluation will match the tinnitus and the audiologist can provide tips to reduce exposure to loud sounds. Click here to learn more.


A clean ear can ensure the sound frequency waves are entering the middle and inner ear. Earwax can be safely removed from the external auditory canal by an audiologist either in the office, or on-site. Click here to learn more.


Musicians, bands, orchestras, and symphonies often have many moving pieces and individuals are busy. Designer Audiology is pleased to offer services on-site (when equipment allows) for convenience. An audiologist can travel to a Baltimore/DC venue typically with 24-48 hours notice, working around practice and performance times. On-site services are charged a $500 travel fee, plus the time required on-site ($64 per 15 minute increments) and the cost of products. Products can be mailed to your next tour location, if needed.

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