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What Makes Us Unique

Putting the Design in Designer Audiology

Patients often ask: why “Designer” Audiology?

To us, the hallmark of a “designed” audiology experience is personalization. It’s the notion that from the second you arrive for your appointment until the moment you begin to hear results, you are treated like the unique individual you are, and that your evaluation and treatment reflect that fact.

Concierge Service with the Benefit of Insurance

The Designer Audiology team delivers comprehensive, person-focused hearing and balance solutions that exceed expectation while providing patients with transparent pricing and peace of mind.

What sets us apart from the competition?

The Talent

A woman-owned professional audiology practice, Designer Audiology has assembled an approachable and experienced team of specialists who not only have extensive industry training, but also personal experience with hearing loss and disorders.

Our cumulative skills include:

  • American Sign Language (ASL) knowledge
  • Cerumen (Earwax) Management Training
  • Tinnitus Management and Retraining Therapy
  • Assessment and Fitting of Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

The Technology

Designer Audiology employs the latest advances and tools in the industry to maximize patient comfort and satisfaction.

  • Our Lantos 3D Ear Scanner maps the unique geometry of the ear to deliver a precise scan that can be used to fabricate any custom-fit earpiece.
  • Earwax (cerumen) removal is successfully accomplished using a variety of tools including the Earigator, which serves as otoscope and irrigator, while delivering full temperature and pressure control – ensuring a safe and comfortable procedure.

The Tailored Experience

Designer Audiology offers a true concierge experience, complete with an unbundled, or itemized, pricing structure that harbors absolutely no surprises. You pay only for services that are actually used.

Our HIPPA-compliant video consultations and telehealth services allow patients to consult with professionals from the comfort of home. Remote programming for patients with hearing aids and cochlear implants is also available for the utmost convenience.

In addition to evaluation and treatment, we are a one-stop-shop for all of your hearing and balance needs. Shop our online store for hearing aid accessories and batteries, cleaning supplies, protective devices, and so much more.

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