Walk-In Services

hearing aid repair

Need a Quick Hearing Aid Repair or Earmold Impression?

Remember the days where you had a quick question for your doctor but had to schedule an appointment months in advance?

You won’t experience that with Designer Audiology.

If you need an earmold impression, device cleaning, or want to drop off your hearing aids for repair, you can schedule an appointment – but you can also take advantage of our walk-in hours.

Walk-in services are intended to help patients who have limited time, but can wait on-the-spot for a cleaning, repair, or modification. Here are the walk-in services we offer:

  • Earmold Impressions: Impressions can be made to replace a current earmold, for new hearing protection devices (e.g. swim plugs or shooting earplugs), or to take and mail to your company of choice. Pickup and fitting of earmolds need to be completed during an appointment for appropriate verification and counseling.
  • Earmold/Device modification: Physical modification of an earmold or amplification device to help sit more comfortably in- or behind-the-ear. Programming of devices cannot be completed during walk-in times; please call 301-854-1410 for an appointment.
  • Device Cleaning: Routine cleaning of amplification device and/or earmolds, which includes an Electroacoustic Analysis (EAA) to ensure the device is working properly.
  • Earmold/Hearing Aid Tubing Change: Tubing change of an earmold/amplification device. Can be combined with a device cleaning (which includes an Electroacoustic Analysis) or completed on its own.
  • Hearing Aid Troubleshooting: Troubleshooting of a dead or extremely weak (quiet) device to diagnosis the problem. If possible, it will be fixed immediately on-site.  Otherwise, the device can be sent out for repair. Programming of devices cannot be completed during walk-in times; please call 301-854-1410 for an appointment.
  • Repaired Hearing Aid: Pickup or drop-off a device for a repair. Not all devices can be picked up from repair during walk-in hours; you will be notified via phone when the device is ready and if an appointment is needed.
  • Cerumen Removal: Routine, professional removal of excess earwax.

Specific days and times for walk-in hours are listed on our Contact page. Please note: device programming is not available during walk-in hours. Please schedule an appointment for this by calling 301-854-1410.


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