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Consumer Checklist for Purchasing a Hearing Aid: Part 1/3

Oct 23, 2016

The Hearing Loss Association of America has a checklist for consumers purchasing hearing aids. There are three sections: Testing, Dispensing, and Full Disclosure. This post discusses how Designer Audiology addresses the Testing section, and next blog posts will cover Dispensing and Full Disclosure.

Were you given a hearing screening or full hearing exam? In the state of Maryland, to purchase hearing aids, a patient must have a complete hearing evaluation, not screening. Designer Audiology offers hearing tests to patients of all ages.
Were you told what type of hearing loss you have? Designer Audiology takes time to complete a full case history before the testing and time to counsel on the results after the test. Since some of the terms may be foreign (e.g. sensorineural hearing loss), each patient leaves with a copy of their evaluation and the full report is available through a secure electronic patient portal.
Were you asked about the effect of hearing loss on your life at home, work, school, using the phone, etc.? Although the paperwork may look intimidating, the questionnaires provided to each patient are used to assess hearing and communication in a variety of situations. Designer Audiology provides a hearing handicap inventory with the paperwork for all hearing evaluations. If a full Communication Needs Assessment is schedule, additional questionnaires are also included in the paperwork, including a client-oriented scale of improvement which allows the patient to set goals for better hearing.
Did a “significant other” have an opportunity to express the effect of your hearing loss on them? Was a significant other present at your appointment? If so, the audiologists at Designer Audiology are trained to ask for input during the case history and will often demonstrate the hearing loss of the patient after the testing, through a simulator.


How does your current audiologist do in the Testing category?  Want to experience the difference at Designer Audiology?  Call 301-854-1410 today to schedule a comprehensive hearing evaluation and/or communication needs assessment today.