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Consumer Checklist for Purchasing a Hearing Aid: Part 3/3

Nov 30, 2016

The Hearing Loss Association of America has a checklist for consumers purchasing hearing aids. There are three sections: Testing, Dispensing, and Full Disclosure. In this post, we cover the last section: Full Disclosure. Missed one of the first two? Go back and read Part 1 and Part 2.

Did you receive a written contract detailing the services to be provided? As required by state law, Designer Audiology provides all of the hearing device information (make, model, condition, serial number, cost, warranties, etc.) on the initial receipt. A paper copy of this is provided at the time of the fitting and an electronic copy is available through the secure Patient Portal on Designer Audiology’s website.
Did your audiologist check your insurance status? As noted above, features that would benefit communication, either on a device or separately are recommended and explained to each patient during the process.
Do the aids fit comfortably? Each patients’ insurance is verified prior to an appointment, for everyone’s benefit. Hearing aid benefits are also obtained prior to a communication needs assessment. Want to check your benefit yourself? Look at your benefit manual, provided each year by your insurance company, or go to the insurance provider’s website to find amplification benefits.
Did the audiologist provide information about the hearing aid manufacturers s/he works with? Designer Audiology works with the ‘Big Six’ hearing aid manufacturers: GN ReSound, Oticon, Phonak, Signia (formerly Siemens), Starkey, and Widex. In addition, personal sound amplifier products (PSAPs) and assistive listening devices are also available.
Did the audiologist provide written information on any warranties provided by the manufacturer? The State of Maryland fitting receipt has the warranty information clearly noted at the bottom of page one. Additionally, most hearing aid manufacturers provide credit card-sized materials with the warranties.
Did the dispenser provide written information about the trial period and refund policy? Trial is such an old word! Designer Audiology, with the unbundled/itemized pricing structure provides a 30-day evaluation and adjustment period. Most patients are seen three or four times during this period to ensure good benefit and fit of the hearing devices. At any time during those 30 days, the devices can be returned for a 100% refund; services (e.g. fitting time) are not refundable.


How does your current audiologist do in the Dispensing category?  Want to experience the difference at Designer Audiology?  Call 301-854-1410 today to schedule a comprehensive hearing evaluation and/or communication needs assessment today.