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Hearing Aid Evaluation

A Personalized Hearing Experience — Exclusively with Designer Audiology

Uncertain about the benefits of hearing aids? Your best results will come from a hearing solution that is professionally fit and adjusted to your individual needs and lifestyle.

Through our offer, you have the perfect opportunity to assess your hearing options, at a great price! Test and compare two levels of hearing aids programmed for your specific needs. Receive the individualized treatment, adjustments, and follow-up care required to ensure your satisfaction. Then, select the best solution for you!

A limited number of appointments each month will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis to try two sets of hearing aids* for a special price of $399.**

Offer Includes:

  • Communication needs assessment
  • Fitting for two sets of behind-the-ear hearing aids, using best-practices, evidenced-based fitting protocols and verification
  • At-home evaluation period for 10 days with each pair
  • Two follow-up appointments; one to switch devices; one to compare and make a final decision
  • Outcome assessments

No obligation to buy! If hearing aids are purchased, the program fee of $399.00 will be applied to the cost of the devices and professional services.

Get started today!