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Neosensory Duo Wristband for Tinnitus – Small Size


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  • Manage your patient's tinnitus with a 2-month program delivering lasting results to 87% of users
  • Breakthrough tinnitus program developed by Stanford neuroscientists
  • Program works by creating bimodal stimulation (sound + touch) to train one's brain which is scientifically proven to reduce the impact of tinnitus on one's daily life
  • Neosensory Duo includes patented wristband & unlimited access to the Neosensory Tinnitus App for daily sessions and progress tracking
  • 2 to 3 Clinical Visits are Recommended: 1) Initial hearing evaluation/tinnitus assessment, 2) Setup and consultation, 3) Two month follow-up visit
  • Available in 2 Sizes: Small fits wrists measuring 5.5" to 6.6"; Large fits wrists measuring 6.7" to 9.3"

How It Works:

  • Users wear wristband 10 minutes a day for 2 months to perform daily training
  • Users will hear the unique tones in the app & feel synchronized vibrations on the band
  • After 2 months, users should enjoy lasting results
  • Retain wristband for lifetime access to the tinnitus app to do additional training if symptoms resurface
  • Wristband and app also enables users additional sound awareness and sound enjoyment features listed below

Additional Features of Wristband and App:

  • Wristband converts ambient sound into unique haptic vibrations on the wrist
  • Well suited for the deaf population and individuals with severe-to-profound levels of hearing loss
  • The device uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to detect 29,000 different sound patterns based on sound intensity and pitch, and also provides a customizable frequency response through the device's companion app
  • Designed for wearers to gradually learn what the different vibrations represent, allowing them to better understand the sounds in their environment
  • Sound Awareness Mode - Alerts user of sounds & loud noises around them through unique vibrations on the wrist (i.e. alarms, doorbells, baby crying, laughter, dog barking, etc.)
  • Entertainment Mode - Enhances the experience of movie watching and music listening to another level feeling every sound and beat
  • Sleeping Mode - Rest easy knowing that you will be alerted to loud, emergency sounds; algorithm filters out snoring and sheet rustling
  • Vibrating Alarms - Wake up to a strong, silent alarm on your wrist and use it to set reminders throughout the day
  • Neosensory Duo is built upon years of research and helps provide meaningful benefits to deaf and hard of hearing users (sound awareness, improvement in speech discrimination, etc.)
  • Duo's free companion app allows users to switch modes to optimize for everyday sounds, or for listening to music, or for sleeping safely at night knowing they can feel vibrations of emergency
  • Serves as a complementary device to hearing aids and cochlear implants