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Professional Consulting

Dr. Spoor of Designer Audiology offers professional consulting for audiology practices and clinics of all sizes who are considering unbundling (sometimes referred to as itemized). With years of experience advising and operating an unbundled practice, we can help analyze your current approach and design and deliver unbundled pricing tailored to your business. Please contact us to discuss an individualized proposal that meets your needs.

We offer:

  • Unbundled price formulas
  • Remote and/or onsite review of existing business practices, billing, coding, and reimbursement to optimize unbundled pricing
  • Customized forms and business processes to support unbundled pricing
  • Individualized training for clinicians and support staff on marketing, counseling, and explaining unbundled pricing to patients and referral sources
  • Migration and deployment of unbundled pricing in CounselEar OMS

Contact us at or 301-854-1410.

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