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Should you buy from online hearing aid stores?

Jul 10, 2016

hearing aid store

You’ve probably noticed that you can buy almost anything on the internet today. You can order toilet paper, groceries, cars… even live ladybugs! Unfortunately, the ease of buying things online sometimes ignores the need for professional service.

For example, when was the last time you heard someone shopping for a hip replacement online? When you think of replacing a hip, many people think about the surgery required, the professional service. The professional – a surgeon – will perform the surgery, but will also complete diagnostic testing to determine the best kind of hip, leverage training and experience to select surgery technique to use, and recommend what follow-up rehabilitation will be needed.

Hearing aids offer a similar situation. What different kinds of hearing aid store comes to mind? The internet, big box retailers, door-to-door sales, or a professional office? Like a hip replacement, a hearing aid purchase requires professional service in many cases. Professional diagnostic testing will determine the power and algorithms needed inside the device; the communication needs assessment will teach you to interact with the product (e.g. change the battery, use a remove control); and the fitting process will appropriately program the device to reach the desired outcomes.

Not all types of hearing aid stores offer these professional services. Regardless of where the item is purchased, Designer Audiology can provide personalized care for your products: testing your hearing, identifying the algorithms in a purchased device, and/or reprogramming (if possible) products to meet your needs.

Designer Audiology also sells a variety of hearing products, including hearing aids, personal sound amplifiers products (PSAPs), and assistive listening devices (ALDs). Contact us to schedule an appointment today!