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Telecoil Technology Expands the Power of Hearing Technology

Aug 1, 2016

Do you have hearing aids and/or a cochlear implant, but still have trouble hearing and understanding speech in large spaces? A telecoil might help!

A telecoil, or t-coil, is a wireless receiver made from a small, copper wire that is wrapped around a core that picks up special broadcasted electromagnetic signals. Telecoils are often placed in hearing devices including personal sound amplifer products, hearing aids, and cochlear implants. When the user switches to the telecoil program, the microphones on the hearing device are significantly reduced or turned off, and the telecoil picks up sound from wireless transmissions. The telecoil system, when used properly, eliminates the distance from the speaker to the listener and can reduce or virtually eliminate background noise.

Telecoils can be found in busineses (e.g. Baltimore’s Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall), places of worship (e.g. Christ Lutheran Church), theaters, with your landline and possibly your cell phone, and more! Look for the telecoil sign (shown on the right) to know if a hearing loop is installed and then place your hearing aid and/or cochlear implant on the telecoil setting.

Some hearing devices have automatic telecoils. The automated system will switch to the telecoil program when a strong electromagnetic signal is detected. Magnets can be used to activate the telecoil program and are often placed on landline phone receivers.

The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) has a great brochure on the telecoil. Need your telecoil activated in your hearing aid and/or cochlear implant? Don’t have a telecoil in your hearing device? Some accessories have telecoils built-in! Call Designer Audiology for a communication needs assessment or a programming appointment today.

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