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Tips for Buying Hearing System Batteries

Aug 16, 2016

There are four main components to a hearing system, including personal sound amplifier (PSAP), hearing aid, and cochlear implant: microphone, receiver, amplifier, and battery. Without the battery to power the device, the system would not function.

As I explain to patients during a PSAP, hearing aid, or cochlear implant orientation, batteries can be purchased in a variety of settings: grocery stores, Audiologist’s office, pharmacies, electronics stores, big box stores, or even online. Different people have their own preference, but there are a few important things to remember when it comes to batteries.

1. The size of the battery is extremely important! If the battery is too big or too small, it may not fit into a hearing device. Even worse, the battery may get stuck and requires an in-office repair by the Audiologist to remove it and possibly replace the battery door due to significant damage.

2. The size of a battery corresponds to a color. These colors are standard amongst battery manufacturers. Size 10 = yellow; size 312 = brown; size 13 = orange; size 675 = blue.

3. All battery packages have an expiration date. The expiration date can be stamped or printed on the package, but it’s important to locate the date. An informal experiment was completed by our Audiologist at a local pharmacy; she looked at the expiration dates of the battery packages and found that almost 80% of the batteries across all brands were expired!

4. The voltage of the battery matters. Most batteries are zinc-air batteries and require air holes to activate the power supply. Five years ago, 1.4V batteries were common, but as the technology in hearing devices has evolved, 1.45V batteries are required. This subtle difference can be make a hearing device intermittent or force a low-battery signal, even when the battery is brand new.

5. Each year, a study is completed to determine the best brand of battery. Almost every year, a different manufacturer is #1. However, tendencies do arise: major battery manufacturers are consistently in the top 5.


Battery size information Battery voltage and expiration


Designer Audiology supplies Rayovac batteries with all new device fittings. Batteries are also available in the office in packages of 8 for $5.00 or 48 for $25.00. Additionally, there are two options for a battery club:

1. Punch cards for frequent purchases with a reward after 8 purchases.
2. Mailed batteries to any US based location each quarter for a flat $2.00 shipping rate, per shipment.

Call Designer Audiology or email to sign-up today!